effective construction management allows

    the CLIENT to achieve a Higher quality project 

    completed in less time.

GC CONSULTING GROUP provides comprehensive construction management and Owner's Representation services throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states.  Our focus on each project is to enhance and protect the client's interest throughout the entire development process.  We are able to implement necessary services at each stage of the project that provide proper controls for budget, schedule and design.  Through effective communication and reporting, we keep all team members and stakeholders informed with current information at all times.  By understanding and managing the details at every stage of the development, GC Consulting Group allows its clients the highest opportunity for a successful project.

Schedule and cost are two variables that every project battles.  Being able to perform thorough constructibility reviews, perform detailed cost estimates, and manage the schedule's critical path insure that costly delays due to missing or incomplete information  can be avoided.  

GC Consulting Group has the ability to manage people, analyze constructability, estimate costs, schedule the work, and foresee problems.  We have the necessary technology and resources to advise and assist.  These skills allow our clients to effectively control their projects as planned.





GC Consulting Group

         Building and Development Consultants


We are able to simultaneously update the budget and schedule as the design progresses through the different stages.  This seamless, proactive integration keeps the project on schedule and all team members updated with current information.

GC Consulting Group has the necessary experience and understanding of the development process to assist the client to establish accurate and realistic budgets and schedules early in a project.